• Korcë

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    Following the planned activities in the districts, on June 13, 2018,was organized in Korca, the activity with the topic “Enhancing access to finances - Financial instruments and programs supporting the Albanian SMEs” . This event was organised under the auspices of the Italian-Albanian Program for the Development of Albanian SMEs, in close cooperation with the Albanian Investment and Development Agency - AIDA.
    Experts developed this PRODAPS & IASME promotional activity to support lending, manufacturing and processing, to create a unique, long-lasting and sustainable system that encourages Albanian entrepreneurs' investments, given that the program considers as the primary beneficiaries of the enterprises operating in the manufacturing and processing sector and in the less developed areas of the country.
    The credit line and program guarantee fund provide conditions with major financial advantages, interest rates up to 3% for loans in Euros and guarantee fund coverage up to 60% of the required loan, for investment projects carried out by special categories of SMEs (in the manufacturing and processing sector, agro-processing, exporting, located in the most backward areas of the country, or those that have a positive impact in terms of creating employment opportunities, reducing pollution or producing energy from renewable sources.
    The information seminars organized by PRODAPS & IASME will continue to be held in other districts of Albania.