• Program Management Unit (PMU) and Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), have organized yesterday "Info Day" in the city of Përmet.

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    Program Experts Ms. Briolda Jahaj and Mrs. Loris Hoxha focused on this meeting information on the three financial components of the Italian-Albanian Program. They appreciated the potential of this economic zone, as well as the large number of SMEs concentrated in this region, such as production, agro-processing, farmers, inns, hotels, dairies etc. Experts include, among other things, profiling and working philosophy and the achievements of the PRODAPS and IASME programs to date as a successful program to support local entrepreneurship. Ms. Jahaj mentioned the benefit of the program in improving SME access to financial services, promoting greater interaction between SMEs and Banks, providing the Bank's specialization in mid-term credit operations. This table discussed the issues faced by business and concrete assistance provided by the Italian-Albanian Program.