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    What is the application procedure?
    What are the specific eligibility criteria for SMEs?
    What information is required by the bank to get a loan under PRODAPS?
    What is the minimum and maximum amount of loan?
    What is the maximum interest rate applied?
    What is the loan repayment period?
    Can I benefit a grace period (deferral principal and only pay the loan interest)?
    What are the priority projects of the Programme?
    Is the purchase of goods and services of made in Italy a financing condition?
    Can I benefit Program financing if I am a Start-Up business, legally represented by a physical person?
    Why do banks require a business plan? Who can help me to prepare a business plan?
    What is the role of the participating financial institutions in the financing process?
    Do foreign SMEs have the right to apply?
    Can I obtain a loan for agricultural activities: including vegetable products, animal breeding, production of seeds and seedlings, post-harvest activities, processing, sales and marketing of agricultural products, and any similar activities?
    Can I obtain a loan to purchase used machinery and equipment?
    Can I obtain a loan for trading activities?
    What SMEs can benefit from the Programme Guarantee Fund?
    How to apply to benefit by the Programme Guarantee Fund?
    What certificate is required for machineries and equipment offered by an authorized dealer of Italian companies in Albania?
    Can you explain in detail what kind of bill should the local supplier firm issue?
    Supplier payments by the Bank must be made with 1 (one) or more instalments?
    What is the Business Support Program?
    Which are the areas that can be supported by the Business Support Program?
    What is the duration of the Business Support Program?
    Which is the maximum financing by the Business Support Program?
    Which SMEs can benefit by the Business Support Program?
    Are there any criteria for the selection of consultants?
    Can I apply to be taken into consideration as a potential consultant by the Business Support Program?
    Which are the documents required to apply for the Business Support Program?