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    The Italian-Albanian Programme for the Development of Albanian SMEs launches: →A Call for Consultants
    Call for Application for Consultants
    The Italian-Albanian Program for the Development of Albanian SMEs launches a Call for Applications targeting consultants, in the framework of the Business Support Program scheme.
    Objective of the call
    The specific objective of this Call for Applications is:
    The expansion of the network of Consultants interested in the Program, who shall have as their primary objective the provision of assistance for the drafting of Business Plans, as well as any other type of assistance required by Entities operating in various areas, helping in the development of their investment projects for the use of the financial fund of the Program through:
    - Technological Research
    - Market Research
    - Management
    - Financial Capacities Assessment
    - Marketing, etc.
    Who can apply?
    All Consultancy Companies or individual Consultants meeting the eligibility criteria set forth in the Guidelines for Applicants and exercising their business activity in one or more of the aforementioned fields.
    The Program administers a grant fund in support of this consultancy project.
    The relevant documentation to be submitted by consultants shall include:
    • The profile of their company;
    • The registration certificate (TAX ID No.);
    • A certificate verifying the ownership of their capital shares (the NBC extract or the Deed of Incorporation);
    • A description of their field of expertise, specifying the relevant sector and the types of services they provide
    • A description of the projects implemented during the last three years, including references;
    • The annual financial statements for at least two previous years, certified by the Regional Tax Directorate;
    • The CVs and references of the consultants;
    • A certificate attesting the fulfilment of all tax liabilities and the payment of all social and health insurance contributions, issued by the Regional Tax Directorate, within one month following the application date (”Form No. 4” and “Form E-SIG 02/a”).